What Not To Do During A G2 Test In Canada

While there are many people who would tell you what to do, here is what you should not do during a G2 test in Canada.

You will get plenty of advice on driving. Most parents become dedicated tutors and there are always friends, neighbors and passersby who would impart precious knowledge about driving when you are trying to learn.Then there is the treasure trove of information online that will attempt to help you in your quest to get a license. All help that is useful is welcome. All that is noise should be discarded.

You are expected to have mastered your driving to a certain extent and you may be a tad short of being an expert driver. With experience comes heightened expectation. You are expected to be comfortable at the wheel, you shouldn’t be fidgety and you should look for everything around you. During a road test in Canada which is the first practical test, you can take your time to be comfortable. During a G2 test in Canada, you are supposed to get into your car, put on your seatbelt and wait for the instructions from the examiner to hit the road.

  • You should not prompt the examiner to issue instructions.

Do not ask for the next step or look at the examiner hoping to get some advance notice. The examiner will tell you what you must do in accordance with the requirements of the test. You will be notified or instructed in time so don’t worry and don’t be unnerved because you think it is too late for the next instruction.

  • Over speeding will certainly fail you during a G2 test in Canada, so would driving too slowly.

If you inconvenience commuters behind your car and if you slow down the traffic in a lane, you will be penalized. Slowing down when needed is fine but when you are driving and have the road ahead to yourself, checking the speed too much will not go in your favor.

  • No mistake of yours will be fixed by your examiner.

Do not look for advice. The examiner is not your trainer. You are the one who has to take all the calls, be it judging a blind spot or assessing the manoeuvring of other cars on the road. You are the sole decider.