Tips To Help You Pass The G2 Test

Since 1994, Ontario has a law that requires new drivers to undergo graduated licensing. The law ensures that new drivers or amateurs applying for the driver’s license would get the exposure and real life experience which is the key to drive safe on the road, to identify signs of trouble and to avoid accidents.

The G2 test is the second test in the graduated licensing program. New drivers get the Class G license and drive with it till appearing for the G2 test in about twenty months. The G2 test involves more complicated scenarios that will put the driving skills to more challenging tests.

Let us talk about a few tips that would give you the quintessential advantage to pass the G2 test.

  • car-933069_1920How comfortable are you while driving straight down the road? Chances are that you wouldn’t have to break a sweat. You would not even flinch once when asked to drive straight or through the routes you have been accustomed with. The trouble lies in maneuvers. How would you respond if you have to apply the brakes suddenly or if you have to take an abrupt turn? You may have to take a sudden U-turn, left or right turn, you may have to stop immediately or indulge in a risky maneuver to save yourself and others on the road. These are the tricky challenges. You need to practice these skills. Modern cars are so efficient that they come close to driving themselves. You don’t need any effort on the accelerator or brake, clutch or the steering wheel. Power steering with tilt and telescopic handles, electronic brakeforce distribution and stability control, all of these state of the art features have made driving very easy. But maneuvers are demanding for those who treasure the modern conveniences of driving. Practice those skills if you have to pass the G2 test.
  • To pass the G2 test, you would need adequate experience of driving on the highways. Else, you wouldn’t be allowed to sit for the test, let aside passing it. What is that one thing you have learned while driving on highways? It is not driving at a particular speed or lane rules. Those apply even when you drive on city roads. The one thing that highways teach you is to grab a glimpse of your surroundings in a fleeting moment. Just a momentary glimpse at the rear view mirror, either sides, up ahead or at your dashboard should tell you what you want to know. Master this skill and you would always be confident during a G2 test.