The Tricky Aspects Of G2 Test

The G2 test is the second of the two driving tests that Canadians must sign up for and pass to get a full driving license. The first test, referred to as the G1 test, is easier and is for absolute learners or amateur drivers. The G2 test which must be taken within a span of twenty months from the date of issuance of the provisional license is much harder. For most drivers who have made the most of their provisional license, the G2 test is a cakewalk. They would know more than what is looked for during the test. However, the problem lies with those who don’t get the necessary exposure during those interim months. Here are some of those tricky aspects of the G2 test.

  • During the G2 test, you are expected to be an experienced driver. Hence, your car cannot stop abruptly or you cannot mess up the gears while braking, driving away from the curb or while your car is in reverse. You are expected to have driven enough on the roads, in real traffic conditions and that must have trained you harder to avert minor errors. The errors which would have been overlooked during the G1 test because safety and your basic driving skills was the subject of interest then and the G2 test tests your advanced driving skills.
  • car-933069_1920You must have adequate experience of driving on highways and through major thoroughfares. Many amateur drivers apply for the G1, pass the test, don’t drive that often or even if they do it is not to distant places and then they head onto for their G2 test. First of all, you need to offer a declaration that you have driven on certain freeways or highways. There is a list. You cannot make a false declaration. Unless you have driven on those arterial roads, it is very difficult to have the confidence and the driving finesse that examiners will look for during the G2 test.
  • You can try and feign experience but your driving will make you vulnerable if you lack the skill. That is the tricky reality of a G2 test. Examiners know how to spot the strengths and weaknesses of drivers. You may not be pushed to the edge during the G1 test but you will be cornered during the G2 test. If you falter somewhere, expect the examiner to further push you against the very same wall so you keep making similar mistakes and thence fail.