The Simple Mantra to Pass the Road Test in Canada

The road test in Canada is at par with many other developed countries. It can be regarded as slightly stricter than the test in the United States. But the test is programmed in a manner that anyone can pass, provided one has the basic driving skills and necessary awareness of various rules and norms. There are many ways to approach the road test in Canada. You don’t need to read many books nor do you need months of driving lessons. You should hone your driving skills and must be aware of laws of the road, including lanes and signs, safety and possible hazards.

If there is a mantra to pass a road test in Canada, then here it is.
There is no substitute of practice. However, if you keep driving to and from a particular place, taking the same route and dealing with exactly the same kind of traffic, then you will find it very difficult to pass the actual road test in Canada. Anyone can turn on a car, shift the gear and accelerate at a steady speed while driving in a straight lane. Learning to balance a bike is more difficult than holding the steering straight so the car doesn’t meander. The real challenge is to meander a vehicle and yet not lose control or go off lane. That is what you should practice.

Take your car to an expansive area that has no obstacles and no obvious dangers. Practice your driving in such spaces. Take turns, go round and round, meander or move in distinctly different patterns, apply brakes suddenly and then start again. You could use empty parking lots or any space that has no traffic, no people or anything that can hurt you. Don’t opt for uneven terrain. Opt for flat surfaces.
A major challenge for most amateur drivers is parking. In fact, many learners drive fine till one has to park and that is when they commit several errors. From ensuring that you have enough space to maintaining optimum speed, checking the left, right, front and obviously the passenger-car-150155_1280rear if you are driving in reverse can take a toll on any learner. Trying to neatly accommodate the vehicle in a designated space where there is obviously less room to maneuver is a big challenge.

A road test in Canada is always focused more on these tricky tasks than just shifting the transmission and driving straight. From sharp turns to how you manage crossroads or intersections, unregulated zones and restricted lanes, all relatively challenging aspects are always the most important components of a road test in Canada.