Simple Steps to be More Confident during the G2 Test

Some people are naturally more confident than others. Some people don’t have very strong nerves. If you are among the former then you should try and avoid being overconfident. If you belong to the latter group then you should hone your confidence.


There are two elements that would offer the maximum boost to your confidence. The first is hands-on experience at driving. The second is the knowledge of road rules and having practiced them repeatedly so you have the norms etched in your mind. Most aspiring drivers or those who sign up for the G2 test are anxious because of limited exposure to driving and their knowledge of the laws of the road is not yet fully tested. Since you cannot change those realities overnight, you must do something to be more confident during the G2 test.


Here are a few simple steps that can be of immense help.


  • Always be patient and calm when you start your G2 test. The examiner is unlikely to rush you through the test. You don’t need to hop into the car and start the engine in no time, get the instructions and start driving as soon as you can. You can steadily get into the car, get comfortable in the seat, put on the seatbelt, look around to know what’s where, you can adjust the mirrors to suit you given your height, driving preference and how you use them while on the road and only when you are sure of the setting should you start the engine. The examiner of a G2 test will allow you to get familiar with the car and comfortable with the setting. Obviously you cannot take ten minutes to get accustomed but two minutes wouldn’t be an issue.


  • car-1030876_1280You need to learn and indeed master the right posture of driving. People have different driving postures. Some people slouch, some people are too upright, some are more relaxed and physically laid back, some people sit awkwardly and some people don’t really leverage the entire range of motion that we are capable of. You don’t need to turn your entire body to check out the rear, you don’t need to move your head to see what’s in the side mirror and you don’t need to fidget every time you have to reach out for a specific setting. Having your hands at nine and three or ten and two, sitting upright but not in a stiffened position and having an agile poise would always help you to drive better.