Showcase Confidence at G2 Test

The principal difference between Canada and most other countries in the world, as far as getting a driving license is concerned, is the two tier tests that you should sign up for and succeed at. The first test, known as the G1 test, is for beginners. This test allows you to get a provisional driving license and within two years of getting it you should pass the G2 test. Else, your provisional license will stand void and you wouldn’t be able to drive.

There are many differences between the first test and the G2 test. The test itself is more complicated, paving the way to showcase your driving skills as you must have gained experience over the months you have had your provisional license. This two tier test system is more of a precautionary measure to prevent road accidents. It doesn’t in any way distinguish or discriminate drivers. Since you are supposed to have more experience by the time you go for the G2 test, you must be a better driver and it shall show in your confidence. You need to showcase this confidence at G2 test.

There are some criteria for the G2 test, one of which is the experience of having driven on chosen routes. There is a list of highways and routes which you must have driven on. You don’t need to tick all those routes on the list but a few must be covered. This should give you some confidence. Should you be nervous or not be very well prepared and at ease when you are in the driving seat, it will show and that may go against you during the G2 test.

Let us state a caveat here. No examiner will fail you saying that you did not have the confidence during your G2 test. It is not a reason or a ground based on which you can be failed. But if you don’t retro-1480622_1280appear to be confident, you will make it obvious and the examiner may put you through more rigorous tests. Examiners have the discretion to instruct specific maneuvers that you must initiate. When you don’t have enough confidence, the examiner may become a little too stringent with the maneuvers just to test if you have been driving and perfecting your skills or if you have been sitting with your provisional license without any further exposure. That is where confidence becomes a quintessential attribute.