Road Testing in Canada

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Getting your driver’s license in Canada is much like it is in America.

The license is issued to a Canadian citizen by the province or territory in which they live, with requirement varying a little from province to province. If you are licensed in one province, there are provisions allowing you to drive in the other provinces. Due to international agreements with other countries, these road tests are valid outside of Canada.

Sweet Sixteen

Canadian’s driving age is not the same in all provinces, with most allowing the learning process to begin at age 16. One province, Alberta, allows Learner’s permits to be issued at age 14. Many drivers, especially young teens, are nervous about their first behind-the-wheel test. Getting yourself ready for the road test Canada edition can be easy if you start early and prepare accordingly.

Practice Tips

While you should be sure to get plenty of practice in all areas of driving, practicing in the vehicle that you will take your test in is an important preparation for the exam. An empty parking lot is the perfect place to hone your driving skills, allowing for practice of different kinds of parking and 2 and 3 point turns. If you know where your road test will be held, go check it out and familiarize yourself with the road signs and potential hazards beforehand.

The Night Before

At the testing center, you will have to prove that your vehicle is up to code and that it meets the minimum requirements to be legal on the road. If the headlights, brake lights or blinkers are not working properly, you will be asked to come back after you get them fixed. Run through your practice materials and making sure you are familiar with everything you may be tested for.

The Day You’ve Been Waiting For

Make sure you have all the necessary paperwork that you will need to successfully Road Test in Canada. You will smack yourself in the face if you wait in line at the DMV just to get to the clerk and be turned away. Stay calm, and don’t be intimidated by the testing officials, they can be scary but they won’t hurt you if you stay focused and do your best during your test! Stay in the right lane as much as possible, don’t take any big shot moves when you just need to get through the drive.