Pay a Professional to Prepare you for the G2 Test

g2 test

Most people learn driving under the stringent supervision of their parent or parents, older siblings or a family member. Many people learn driving with the casual but caring help of friends. It doesn’t matter how, where, when and why you have had your first driving lesson. You ought to develop you’re driving skill before you can appear for the G2 test in Canada. Driving is not being able to steer the car from one point in your neighbourhood to another or just going around the block, driving to and from school or even knowing how to safely align along the curb, reverse or park. Practice is at the crux of the entire preparation. You should have supervised practice and you must have an independent assessment of your skill. Therefore paying a professional to prepare you for the G2 test is so important.

When you have been driving for a few days in preparation for your G2 test, you would develop a certain degree of confidence.


g2 test

This confidence is necessary if you are to be calm and patient during the G2 test. However, this initial euphoria of you driving can also make you complacent. It is quite possible you are going wrong with something or a significant part of your driving and yet you know nothing of it. If you are practicing alongside your friend, who may be an amateur driver too, then you are not able to judge or be judged. As a result, you may continue to commit the error without knowing the mistake. This cannot be left unchecked as it may lead to failing the G2 test.

Even when you are practicing with a parent or older sibling, it is quite possible some errors are not being spotted and highlighted.

This is simply because a parent or family member is more focused on safety and that takes their eyes off other nuances that could prove costly. A professional trainer will know to identify signs of weakness. You may not be keeping a close eye on the rear-view cameras, you may be poor with reversing or with blind spots, you may be cranking up the transmission too much or you could be braking hard in certain situations. All these need to be rectified. Only a professional trainer will have the intent and holistic assessment to help you with these errors. Do not appear for a G2 test before you are as perfect as a learner can be.