Patience is the key to passing the G2 Test in Canada

The G2 test in Canada is tougher than the driving tests in the United States. It is not as difficult as the driving tests in Germany but many do not pass at their first attempt. There are many factors that will influence your chances but nothing is as significant as your skills. The only other attribute that you should develop to have the confidence to pass the G2 test in Canada in your first attempt is patience.

• Driving is an essential skill. Unless you are living in one of the major cities across Canada where public transportation would somehow manage to help you with your everyday commutes, you would have to drive almost every day of your adult life. Driving for youngsters, especially teens, is a fun activity. Driving for adults is not fun. You wouldn’t be driving a convertible Cadillac across scenic Spanish countryside or a Ferrari on the racing tracks. Patience is one of the most significant attributes you need to develop. Examiners want drivers to be patient. They proactively look for signs of restlessness. Being unnerved or a little tensed is one thing. Being restless or in haste is a completely different attitude. You cannot be seen or perceived as a restless driver or one who doesn’t have the patience to deal with traffic on the road. Very few learners will lose their calm during a G2 test in Canada but any sign of temperamental behaviour will not augur well for you. Your driving skill alone is not what is tested here. You too will be tested.

• The other reason why patience is so important is the need to wait. Many learners do not wait for the right time to sign up for the G2 test in Canada. Most youngsters want to drive. Every immigrant would want to get a license so one can be independent and drive around. In this rush to get a license, people often forget that they have to practice enough before showing up on the judgment day. One misstep, an error of judgment in one crucial moment or complete unawareness of a simple tidbit will cost you the test. Be patient, practice enough and only when you are sure of your skills, confidence and temperament should you sign up for the G2 test in Canada and eventually show up at the test centre. You wouldn’t be reappearing for the test the next day so tread patiently.