Last Minute Preps For A Road Test

There are lots of things that can go awry at the last minute. Even if you have honed your driving skills, some other factor can fail you. It is imperative that you are not only proactive and cautious but actually have a checklist to ensure nothing goes wrong. Before you take the road test, especially the night before, you must conduct a few checks. Here are some of the last minute preps that you must ensure before a road test.

  • You must already know if your car or the car you would be driving during the road test is acceptable. There are certain rules and very old cars are not allowed during a test. If your car is modified, then too certain rules will apply. Make sure you clarify with the road test centre and the examiner if your car is acceptable.
  • You should conduct a pre road test inspection of your vehicle. You should check the lights to see if they are working. Don’t just focus on the headlights or the taillights. You should also focus on blinkers and brake lights. If these lights don’t work, then you don’t need to commit any error while driving. The issues will fail you. It is also necessary to check if the air conditioner is working, if the wipers and defrost, the turn signal and emergency brake, hazard lights and horn are working. You should also be able to use all these with ease. You must not struggle to find any of the components you need to drive.
  • Check the tires. They should have optimum air pressure, the tires must be in drivable condition and there should be no problem with their alignment. Anything amiss or wrong with the tires and you may fail.
  • You should clean the car before a road test, at least the windscreen and the mirrors. You should make optimum use of the mirrors so make sure they are positioned correctly. You can also do this just before the road test. It will impress the examiner. A driver who always checks the necessary components of a car before driving is always going to be safer on the roads.
  • car-1030876_1280Finally, you must revise everything you have learned. Review the hand signals, practice them again so you can be sure of them and put together all your paperwork so you don’t forget anything on the day of your road test.