How To Not Take Your Eyes Off The Road During A Road Test In Canada

It is impossible for anyone to continuously and consistently have their eyes on the road at all times. Even the most veteran drivers in the world will take their eyes off at some point in time. The reality is that it is human to error and even racers will blink, look sideways and fidget at times. But they have experience by their side, just like the long haul truckers and the professional drivers who spend most if not all of their working hours on the road.

As someone who is about to attempt a road test in Canada, you must train yourself to keep your eyes on the road. Attention is one aspect and it has to do with focus. Being physically comfortable to keep your eyes on the road is a different ballgame. You must be psychologically and physically trained to keep your eyes on the road during a road test in Canada.

  • Let us begin with the absolute basic. You must be comfortable in the car, at the seat and with the controls. From the transmission to the different fixtures on the dashboard or at the central console, you should be at ease with everything. If you are not, if you don’t know for certain where to look and what to check, if you struggle to get to a button or activate something, if you cannot watch the speedometer at a glimpse and look back up at the road, then you will take your eyes off the road and chances are you will facilitate your failure during the road test in Canada. Use a car that you are absolutely comfortable with.
  • The second aspect is watching the road and observing the traffic around you. It is imperative for you to watch the rear view mirrors. You need to look out for the traffic ahead of you and the possibility of people driving their cars meanderingly or changing lanes suddenly. You cannot have a complete three sixty degrees view but you need to have glimpses of all four sides and look out for blind spots as you go through the road test in Canada. You will be comfortable with all these glimpses and observations only when you have driven enough. You cannot develop an expertise overnight but you can have an understanding as you clock more miles before your road test in Canada.
    There are other factors too but you should get started on working with these two first.