Hacks that can help you to sail through the G2 Test

How many people manage to pass the G2 test successfully in their very first attempt? Even those who pass commit several errors during the test. The G2 test is considered to be one of the hardest in the world. Even today, many countries don’t have any elaborate driving tests before issuing licenses. Corrupt practices and leniency ensure that millions of people get their driver’s license without sufficient skills behind the wheels. That cannot be said about Canada. The G2 test is nerve-wracking and it is highly effective. It is no secret that Canada is one of the safest places to drive, despite challenging weather conditions at times.

If you have never had a driver’s license and this is perhaps your first attempt, then you would be anxious while appearing for the G2 test. It is better to be prepared than to be sorry after the failed attempt. Although you can learn a valuable lesson when you fail the test, it is always better to sail through the very first time. Here are some hacks that can help you to sail through the G2 test.

Try to drive more than one car when you are training. Your family may have one car, your friendly neighbor will have one, there can be many cars in your social circle and some families you know may have more than one. If you drive the same car and get accustomed, then you are ready to drive. However, since you are accustomed with only one car, you would get easily stressed when you are asked to drive another, especially during the G2 test.

Automobile technologies are similar, driving rules are the same and even the approach to driving is identical. However, the exact position of the various knobs and sticks, wheels and buttons in different models would confuse you. Our muscles and our mind get trained and accustomed with certain positions, exact movements and your muscle memory along with your grey matter help you drive confidently. But take a different car and you would need some time to get accustomed and thus settle.

If you are unsettled, then you would be yellow-car-1119992_1920nervous. This will show on your face, hands, posture and you may even commit a mistake. You can either practice driving in more than one type of car or you can spend some time to get accustomed with the car you would be driving during the G2 test.