Do these and you would fail your G2 Test in Canada

There are innumerable resources at your disposal to study the technicalities, learn the rules and practice your driving so you can pass the G2 test in Canada. Just as what you should do to pass the exam, there are certain things that you should not do. It is equally important to know the don’ts. If you do everything right and indulge in a few wrong steps, it is likely that your results may be unfavorable.

Some of the mistakes mentioned below would not be the sole factor leading to your failure but they will contribute to the failure nonetheless. If you want to pass your G2 test in Canada and that too in your first attempt, abide by the following.

  • Never ever get into the car and start checking everything when you are supposed to start driving. If you have to get accustomed with the vehicle, position the mirrors, adjust the seatbelt, check the controls or anything that you want to check out, do so before the test starts. You will be given the necessary time to get accustomed with the car and to be comfortable. When you get into the car for the G2 test in Canada, you are expected to put on the seatbelt, wait for the examiner to say go and you must start driving.
  • Never ask the examiner what you should be doing or what he or she wants you to do. The examiner will always tell you which turns to take or what you are supposed to do according to the test and that would be communicated well in advance. An examiner would not be right at the intersection and then tell you make a risky maneuver to take a particular way or lane. You will be told in time so just keep driving straight.
  • Don’t drive slower than you have to. Driving fast and driving slow are equally undesirable and unacceptable for the G2 test in Canada. You should maintain the optimum speed limits. If you have to drive a tad slower than what you would do on actual roads because you are a tad anxious, then stick to the right lane and just stay five or ten kilometers below your optimum speed limit. Don’t drive at fifteen or twenty when the max limit is sixty or seventy.
  • car-933069_1920You are supposed to look behind, sideways and in front while driving. Don’t take glimpses and expect the examiner to be the trainer who will fix your mistakes. Move your head, turn your neck and confidently check your surroundings before you make maneuvers. While a major mistake will be a reason enough for failure, minor mistakes repeated several times will also lead to failing the G2 test in Canada.