What they don’t tell you about practical driving tests

Everyone learns how to drive. The majority of people in America can drive and if you’re planning on being one of those license holding individuals, then you’re probably a little nervous about the practical driving test. There are plenty of people to help you learn how to drive, ranging from driving instructors and classes to books and videos online- But there’s also a lot of things people, books and classes won’t tell you!

Different state, different test

Despite the driving guides you get from your DMV being almost identical across the country, the actual practical driving test varies from state to state.
For example, in Arkansas you’ll go ahead and take the practical driving test at the DMV with an employee who works there. Whereas in Michigan you’ll have to schedule an appointment with a third party. (After taking a necessary amount of classes.) So be aware of your state’s conditions.

Read The Reviews

You may not read reviews on products or restaurants, but if you’re going to read a review on anything it should be the company you’re getting your practical driving test from! Lots of people take on the job to host practical driving tests and the majority of them are either rude, unprofessional or just downright shady. Make sure you do at least a little bit of research when it comes to who you’ll be getting in the car with! Just remember to be prepared, polite and to read the reviews!

There is an actual way to parallel parking

If you don’t live in a city where your parents are always parallel parking, than the actual task of getting your giant vehicle in between those two little cars might seem foreign and incredibly daunting!
But despite all of your failed attempts- there is an actual way to parallel parking. You can find lots of videos on how to do it that are actually really helpful when you don’t have a driving instructor who can actually parallel park! Over all the trick to parallel parking is generally the same. Usually requiring you to find a spot, line yourself up with the car in front of your desired spot, turning your steering wheel all the way, so that you can slowly creep into the desired spot. One thing that is easy to forget however, is that traffic is still moving around you, so be sure to keep an eye on all your blind spots while you’re parallel parking

Sometimes videos are better teachers

Most people have someone to teach them how to drive. But! In some cases you might get stuck with someone who’s more afraid of you being behind the wheel than you are (inadvertently making you way more afraid than necessary,) or you’ll get stuck with someone who doesn’t have time and rushes you, or someone who doesn’t care to teach or just someone who’s not too great at driving. If you’re unlucky enough to get stuck with one of these well intentioned teachers don’t fret! Videos online can sometimes be better teachers than those who scream before you pull out of the drive way! You’ll still have to go out on the road with a jittery teacher- but watch some videos on parallel parking, driving on the highway and just the basics, if you feel like your teacher isn’t doing a whole lot of teaching!

Driving Is Dangerous Because It’s Easy

Driving Instructors tell you that the cause of wrecks range from unbuckled seat belts to ignorant drivers- But one of the most dangerous aspects of driving is how easy it is to drive. If you’ve worked yourself up over driving and how hard it may be, don’t! Driving is easy. In some states fourteen year olds can drive. 14 year olds. Let that sink in… Driving isn’t hard. What’s hard is understanding the dangers and having the right level of awareness when it comes to getting behind the wheel. You shouldn’t be afraid of not ever being able to drive. You stick a pair of keys in the ignition, start the engine and there you go, you’re going 60 mph down the road. You’re driving! That’s what’s most dangerous about driving- Becoming overly confident and forgetting that you’re in control of a 5,000 pound metal box.

It’s Not Hard To Pass

What a lot of people don’t tell you- Is that passing your practical driving test. Isn’t actually hard. Because driving isn’t very hard. All it takes is practice and learning. After that. You’ll pass. And if you fail, then you can try again! There’s no shame in failing a driving test. If anything you should be happy you don’t pass your test prematurely, you wouldn’t want to be out on the road and suddenly realize you don’t actually know how to drive. But it’s more likely that you’ll pass. If not the first time the more than likely the second time. Because, as mentioned earlier, it’s not hard to pass! Look at all the people you know in your life who do have a license. If they can pass, than you can to, easy!
Just remember to be cautious, safe and prepared!
For both driving and your practical driving test!