Check your Comfort before a Road Test in Canada

A driver must always be comfortable in his seat, with the car and the circumstances one would be driving in. Any level of discomfort will not only impair the driving experience but will pose a threat to the safety of the occupants of the car and other commuters on the road. There are many elements that will contribute to the level of comfort or disrupt it. The confidence of the driver, driving experience, how accustomed one is with the car and external factors will be influencing elements. Before you begin a road test in Canada, you must be absolutely comfortable. Else, you may end up failing the road test in Canada.

  • Begin with the car. Are you comfortable with the car? You should always use the car that you have practiced in so you know you are accustomed with all its features. This will give you confidence and that will make you comfortable. In some cases, aspiring drivers are unable to use the car they have practiced in. Whatever car you use, you must be sure that you are aware of its features, that it is suitable for the road test in Canada and that you don’t need any time to get further accustomed with the vehicle.
  • Check the seat of the car. Most cars these days have adjustable seats. You can push it back, pull it up, you can adjust the height and even the recliner position. You may want the seat upright or you may want a slight tilt backward. The height would be chosen depending on the height of the dashboard and if you can see the road ahead. This shouldn’t be a problem if you are very tall but then the height needs to be lowered so you don’t nearly bump your head.
  • mini-1027851_1280Take the driver’s seat, take a few minutes to get comfortable and sorted. The examiner will give you this time before a road test in Canada. The examiner will not think any less of you. He or she would not mind if you take your time to get sorted. It is not focusing on such nitty-gritty that will make the examiner suspicious. It is far better to waste two minutes before a road test in Canada to be comfortable, perfectly at ease and in control of the car than fidgeting throughout the test and making mistakes, which will lead to unavoidable failure.