A vehicle checklist of what you must do before a G2 Test in Canada

You must ensure that your vehicle qualifies for the G2 test in Canada. If you don’t have one that complies with the preset standards then you should get one. You must be well accustomed with the vehicle so you don’t falter during the G2 test in Canada. The test is the more demanding driving test so you are expected to be a better and more experienced driver. Hence, the scope of errors is much less than the first driving test you would sign up for in the country.

Here is a vehicle checklist to ensure that your car doesn’t raise the red flags before a G2 test in Canada.

  • Your car should be clean. Specifically, your car’s windscreen must be spotless and there should be nothing hindering normal viewing. There shouldn’t be any cracks that can impair driving. There can be minor spots or harmless cracks. Anything substantive and the examiner will raise the flag. There are cars that have tinted windscreens and those would be accepted only when that feature is a part of the manufacturer’s specs. If you have modified your car or have gotten an upgrade, then that would be subject to scrutiny and the examiner may choose to disqualify the vehicle at his or her discretion. The bottom line is that your viewing or naked and unaided vision must not be affected in any way. There are certain extents to which tinting is deemed acceptable but you don’t have to deal with such complications to begin with.
  • Vehicles used in G2 test in Canada should have safety belt for the passenger sitting at the front. The belt must be in impeccable working condition. The examiner will take this seat and he or she shouldn’t have to struggle to use the seat belt. It is not for the examiner’s comfort or discretion but safety.
  • mercedes-841465_1280The vehicle must be in drivable condition. Specifically, there should be no issues with the suspension, the indicator lights and brake lights must work properly and immediately, the lights must glow in their respective hue and not have any modified or shaded color. The handbrake must work optimally and there should be no warning light going on during the test. Any warning light during the G2 test in Canada and just by the virtue of having a faulty car you would be disqualified from the test. The test will stop midway and you would have to reschedule. Hence, focus on the condition of the vehicle, just as much as you would clock the hours of driving on the highways.